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Vision and Mission

The two most important reasons for failure in this world are “Inadequate Preparations” and “Negative Attitudes” (IPNA).

For us educationists, the greatest cause of worry is the IPNA in our students. While we see the students as huge bundles of potential, we are also concerned about the IPNA in them.

With loads of experience and intense research, we have developed training modules comprising of innovative approaches and impactful methods to reach out to all kinds of students.

These modules provide results through engagement, theatre, role play, international inspirational stories that thrill and inspire, debates, discussions, insights and personal examples.

By engaging the students in all of the above, we aim to lead the students on the road to ‘High Self Esteem’.

We are sure that the experience provided by these modules will remain imbibed, guiding students through crucial moments and otherwise too.

Sample Training Modules

90% + 10%

Positive thinking is NOT expecting the best to happen. Positive thinking is finding the best in whatever happened. And then....moving ahead! The formula of life is “90% + 10 % = 90% + 10%” In this 10% lies the reason for us being alive. In this 10% lies the seeds of our future. In this 10% lies our greatness. Lets fill our hearts with gratitude for the 90% that has been given to us.

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Happiness is my Anchor!

Everyone has issues and challenges.Happiness is a choice. One needs to develop courage and the ability to laugh at oneself,to have the habit of Happiness.

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In life, you don't get what you desire, you get what you deserve. The bridge between what you desire and deserve is, C.R.S.E. CONSISTENT , SELF- MOTIVATED, REFINED , EFFORT

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I Love Me, Jai Hind !

People with negative, weak self-belief have less than 15% chances of success. People with high self-belief have more than 90% chances of success. Our self-belief is built either by depending on others, by depending on yourself , by doing things that make you truly proud and by having a sense of responsibility Those who assume responsibility inspite of difficulties and then go ahead without hesitation develop strong positive vibrant self-belief and can say I LOVE ME.

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“Flowers fall even though we love them; Weeds grow even though we dislike them.” Complicated situations exist as a part of life. Hence the ability to SOLVE is quintessential to live a happy life. One of the most exciting models of solving any issue is “Design thinking.” It combines hands on learning (tinkering) with independent problem solving methodologies. When students practice design-thinking projects in the classroom, they not only master the concepts within the project, they exercise their skills of collaborating with teammates, investigating their topic thoroughly, using empathy to generate ideas for solutions, prototyping, and testing. Most importantly, they learn that failure is not a setback.

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I Can

History abounds with tales of experts who were convinced that the ideas, plans, and projects of others could never be achieved. However, accomplishment came to those who said, "I can make it happen."

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