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Vision and Mission

The two most important reasons for failure in this world are “Inadequate Preparations” and “Negative Attitudes” (IPNA).

For us educationists, the greatest cause of worry is the IPNA in our students. While we see the students as huge bundles of potential, we are also concerned about the IPNA in them.

With loads of experience and intense research, we have developed training modules comprising of innovative approaches and impactful methods to reach out to all kinds of students.

These modules provide results through engagement, theatre, role play, international inspirational stories that thrill and inspire, debates, discussions, insights and personal examples.

By engaging the students in all of the above, we aim to lead the students on the road to ‘High Self Esteem’.

We are sure that the experience provided by these modules will remain imbibed, guiding students through crucial moments and otherwise too.

Sample Training Modules

KMM 2018 Session 1 - No Breaking Point

I am unbreakable... When does Social Change happen? The process of social change always involves the ELITE to fight for the weak ONE. We are the ELITES. It is an opportunity for us to lead SOCIAL CHANGE... What defines me?

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KMM 2017 Session 7 - Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai

The final mind blowing session... You must take initiative. You must have the will to solve issues Sohum - I am a part of the world. The world is a part of me. Get a mentor for the dreams of your life. Buddham Sharanam Gachchaami The bigger your dreams the bigger your challenges the bigger your greatness. Always leverage your dreams and strengths.

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KMM 2017 Session 6 - I am confident...

I promise I will succeed in life. My first success will be in being HAPPY. I will remember what Jim Carrey said about Happiness. "Everyone in the world should be successful and famous at least for 15 minutes. They will realize then, there is no link between happiness and success. They should be happy now and let success follow.” To be happy is a choice. I can be happy now. To be successful requires effort and time. In other aspects of life too, I will be very successful. Here are the 10 reasons I believe, will lead me to be a HUGE success…

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KMM 2017 Session 5 - Mastering Your e-Tsunami

There are 6 basic emotions - Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear, Anger and Surprise.

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KMM 2017 Session 4 - How To Be A Patriot?

We are all Bhartiya - A land which has Light, Knowledge and Wisdom. Bha - Light and Wisdom Rata - Devoted to Light and Knowledge If you want to use the word India, remember it means - IN + DIA (lamp). Let us fill our hearts with all the Pride and take the session to schools. All the best for a Bharatiya session!

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Impossible Is Temporary

Do not chase your dreams because they will make you feel accomplished. Chase your dreams because they will make you feel alive.

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