Culture of inspiration

200000+ Students
30000+ Teachers
2500+ Volunteers
200+ Schools
33+ Cities
3 Countries
1 Movement

About KMM

Students are the creators of the future. They are the masters of the destiny of tomorrow’s world. We as adults and teachers have an opportunity to mold them, to enrich them, to nourish them, in order to create a future like never before!

For the future of this world to be secure, the youth must be ready, capable, visionary and filled with self-belief. It can only happen with the guidance and experience of committed, caring and successful people. The presence of these kinds of role models fuels “Inspiration” and nudges them to touch heights of greatness and self-discovery.

At Life School Foundation, non-profit organization founded by Narendra Goidani, we believe that until “Inspiration” touches us, life is incomplete. We initiated a program called ‘Keep Moving Movement’ in 2010 dedicated to building a “Culture of Inspiration” amongst the teaching and student community.

This movement has travelled around 24 cities across India, 2 in Sri Lanka, 1 in Nepal and has impacted more than 30,000 teachers and lakhs of students.

This program helps teachers develop all facets of their lives as well as those of their students. It helps student to create a new vision for themselves. It has shown great positive growth in multiple aspects of their lives.

The importance of training teachers is to help them, to give an apparatus of inspiration to their students. Knowing the ways of inspiring the students will in turn create incredible results.

KMM aims to make teachers believe that they can change lives and by changing lives they can change the world. The fact that they can change lives, they believe they are making a tremendous impact in this world. With this conviction, they will not only teach academic subjects but will also teach students to fill this world with ‘Forces of Greatness’.

Isn’t that exactly, what all of us want for our world?

Process of Empowerment

KMM invites the schools

Schools join the movement by registering teachers and students

Benefits for Schools

  • Co-operative and happy students augmented with overall development

  • Enhanced, exciting academic results

  • Passionate, self-driven, solution-oriented teachers

  • Parenting guidance for parents of the students

KMM team guides teachers

Teachers are equipped with 'wow tools' to empower students

Benefits for Teachers

  • Impactful & inspirational mentoring

  • A new sense of purpose with tools that make them EMPOWERING

  • Phenomenal work satisfaction

KMM team trains volunteers

Volunteers are equipped with innovative approaches to empower students

Benefits for Volunteers

  • An opportunity to return a part of what we have received from the society

  • An opportunity to say 'Thanks' to our teachers

  • An opportunity to play a role in molding the future of our country

Teachers & volunteers train students

Students are equipped with attitudes and skills to excel

Benefits for Students

  • Right Guidance

  • Right Direction

  • Right Time

  • Right Role Models

  • Right Atmosphere

KMM team guides parents

Parents are equipped with insights on parenting the digital age kids

Benefits for Parents

  • Insights about strength-centric parenting

  • Solutions to handle their children in a better way

  • Molding fantastic attitudes, abilities & approaches for the future